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Follow the adventure of Legere. A broken man who lost the most important thing in life must now save the world from the fallen and in order to do so he must first collect all seven of the dragon ba- errr... I mean, he must first defeat all the evil doers in his path!

Unlockable characters, if that's what floats your boat?
An RPG with a taste of a good story! I think? I hope so... I mean, 2 years of development, we hope it's good right!? RIGHT!? Each playable character has a small back story for players to really understand the people they’re playing as.

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Main characters
Legere: Damage Type
Kymberly: Support Type
Hector: Status Effect Type
Lucia: Damage Type
Brock OR Lizbeth: Damage Type

Optional Characters
Joshua: Damage Type
Angel: Support Type
Arb-Thuro: Support Type
Makayala: Damage Type
Leslie: Damage/Support Type


Epic Wings 2.exe 454 MB

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Having just recently played the first Epic Wings, I was really excited to play this and it is living up to my expectations. :)  I do appear to be stuck, though, in the Glove Tech. I can't get into either the Laboratory (I can see Secretary Lu and maybe Fernando as well  in there) and I can't get into the Control Room. I can get to the 9th floor, but apparently my party doesn't like dark stairways. I've explored what's available to me, my 7 party members are all at least level 40, I think I've found and opened all the safes, I've saved the child of chaos in the volcano basement, defeated 6 of the 7 knights in Chill Town, have 9 ultimate weapons, 3 party members have ascended (Lumen, Attention, Amandi) and I've just run out of ideas and/or more places to explore. Can you give me some help? Thanks.

Hi @LadyJJ, I'm so happy to see you've downloaded and are playing Epic Wings 2! The only time your party is reluctant to go down the dark stairway is when you have not talked to Secretary Lu. Secretary Lu is on the fifth floor near the elevator most of the time. If you talk to him he will want to meet you on the 10th floor. That is when the party will finally decide to go down those stairs :). I hope you are enjoying Epic Wings 2 and happy gaming!!!

I thought I'd talked to all those guards on the 5th floor, but apparently not. Thanks for bailing me out yet again. :)  I've finished the game and I've got a couple of end-game questions. (1) I found 9 ultimate weapons but only 5 relics of dreams. Are there enough relics of dreams in the game to upgrade all the ultimate weapons? (2) Where do you find the post-game battle with the Source?  Great game for sure despite some misspellings/typos/grammatical errors.  I logged over 30 hours and enjoyed every one of those hours. <3  Thanks for creating and sharing.

My greatest and most sincerest thanks for downloading the game @LadyJJ!! To answer your question, I could be wrong but I believe there were only enough Relic Weapons for a few characters. The ones you decide are your favorite characters and maybe a few extra but not enough for everyone. The Source is outside the city of gold. Before you enter the city gates there is a dirt road that keeps teleporting you back to the same location. You need to take that path 7 times and it take you to The Source.

Epic wings 2 is what you will call a Great Game. Its a very expansive game with definitely over 30+ hours of game play. There's ultimate classes for each character and also hidden ones. Great choice of soundtrack and There are also SUPER BOSSES which requires you to have Skills to defeat them. I'm highly impressed with the quality. Oh yeah, you will get into a lot of fights because of them encounters lol. But it doesn't take away from the experience

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Good Game. I played it for like 24 hours"the save is 26, but 2 hours I was probably off"

Two thing I liked are the longness of the game and the pursuit for hidden things. If you decide rush it, u will at least have like 15 hours of gameplay in the minimum. That if you know walkthough, because if not, will be like 17 hours.

And another things was the hiddens characters to found, it's transformation, it's unique weapons and etc. Was a really good treasure hunt"althoughI disliked the way the dreami and tina were introduced".

Two thing I disliked are the bugs on shops and the cliche on the plot.

Good part of the game, unfortunately, I wanted buy acessories, weapons, shields or amor and I couldn't. Sometimes, after some shop upgrade when u press enter to buy something, the conversation ends, so you can't buy.

Sometimes   you feel very unnatural the conversation about the some characters, principally the villains.


Obviously I really like this art, after all I played more than 24 hours.

I give it 8/10.

To end this comment, I want share the answer to the castle puzzle"it was really hard to me, so if you have trouble passing it, there is:  https://pastebin.com/jkYnQB1V"

Btw, one observation, there is a broken strategy in the game. You will use "Quick" in the hunter character and use the move "Tectonic Ram" with the Void Knight, using this the enemies will all be paralysed forever until you don't use the "Tectonic Ram". I recommend using this on the arena and in the knight challenge. And if you need TP use a stimulant or the move "Void Ravaging" you will lose 15 tp and gain like 70.


thank you so much for doing a castle puzzle walkthrough!!! Seeing people come together to help each other solve the game mechanics has been a great experience!