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One third of the angels in the sky begin to fall after the betrayal of a powerful rebel. You are tasked with hunting down the falling stars in order to retrieve heavenly valuables that belong only in the right hands and that if left in the wrong hands would cause a downfall of chaos. Choose between two playable characters to take on challenging missions to maintain piece and order in the heavens!


Destroyer: Double Jump.

Tina: Learns powers from enemies.



Meganoble 2.exe 193 MB


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Very cool little game. Crushed it live on stream! Could be expanded upon big time imho. Waiting for meganoble 3 :P

I'd like to see you try >:)!

Try waiting for meganoble 3?

oh, I read that wrong. Just ignore me LOL.


Oh my, watching the trailer video made me miss  MegamanX5 so much.  How nostalgic !

Thank you! I was a big fan of Megaman and so that's why I created Meganoble :)!